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When people go looking for the types of products and services your business offers, are you in their search results? What about when they’ve heard about your business and actually go looking for you online, by name?

Wait! Is that actually your phone number?

When people use Google to find your business, your data had better be correct. Make sure of it.

Keep your hours, address, and services up-to-date on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and right across the web.

If it looks like a job that could be too time-consuming, check out our Freemium app, Listings Builder and, if you need serious help, consider using our Listing Sync Pro Canada and Listing Sync Pro U.S. products. You’ll find these products in the Fast Track Marketplace, on the Services page.

More than 85 percent of consumers search online before even setting foot in a store. Being found with accurate information online can be challenging for businesses, but we offer solutions to help you own your listings and take control of your online brand.

Our services ensure consistent business information across the web, mobile apps, search, and more.

Fix your business listings. It could prevent a revenue shortfall.